Adjunct Faculty

Paris College of Art, Paris, France

Lecture: Design for Social Responsibility

Department of Interior design, Communication design and Fashion design

This course will question the designer’s position in contemporary society. How can design provide methodologies that foster positive change and tackle environmental, social, and political issues? In order to address these questions, design must move beyond consumer demands, towards a more holistic and responsible approach, embracing ethical, cultural, and humanitarian values. Within this framework, students will undertake research as well as develop projects so as to investigate topics such as (but not limited to) improving health and wellbeing, promoting gender equality and radical inclusivity, developing more sustainable cities and communities, encouraging more responsible consumption and production, and tackling climate change.

Lecture: Materiality

Department of Interior design

The primary objective of this course is to familiarize students with the multifaceted domain of materials, encompassing their sensorial attributes, requisites, material composition and performance characteristics. An exploration of the intricate relationships between colors, light, and a curated selection of materials is undertaken, all analyzed from a sensorial standpoint. Employing a blend of theoretical and practical methodologies, the curriculum seeks to empower students in discerning the possibilities in the application, amalgamation, and synthesis of materials within interior environments. Integral to the instructional framework is the cultivation of critical thinking skills, emphasizing the comprehension and implementation of life cycle analysis as a means to discern and address sustainability concerns. Additionally, students are introduced to sustainable practices, alongside an examination of the rating systems they adopt. Supplementing the informative process are scheduled visits to a material library and relevant exhibitions, designed to complement the theoretical underpinnings with hands-on exposure to real-world material sourcing and utilization practices.