A series of illustrations for ‘Campagne’ / ‘Coming home to nature’ by Gesa Hansen, Charlotte Huguet and Estelle Marandon.

The French Art of Countryfication / Pour un nouvel art de vivre

A calmer life enriched by its surroundings, with more space at home, a burgeoning garden, and a relaxed ambiance is a seductive combination. But a country house is different from a cozy apartment, just steps from modern conveniences. In their search for a deeper experience, this trio of authors embarked on a long-term project that brought unexpected joy along with the challenges.
Life in the countryside takes adjustment and there is much to be learned—from furnishing and organizing your home to getting the most from nature and your garden, and from dressing to suit your new setting to hosting informal soirées where you’ll linger over dinner with your guests. This is the art of countryfication. Through portraits of individuals and families, this book provides insight, inspiration, practical advice, and recipes that celebrate country living, all while retaining a Parisian flair.

EAN : 9782080261366 / ISBN : 9782080261366